We Do the Best Bathroom Renovations in Regina

Welcome to Tymark Constructions. We specialize in bathroom renovations in Regina and our aim is to provide you with renovations solutions tailor-made to your exact requirements and budget.


Whether you want a quick remodeling of your existing bathroom or want to create a personal and intimate space, we can help you in achieving the vision. A beautiful bathroom fulfills two roles at the same time – being a functional part of the home and a representation of one’s visual ideas. It is a practical corner of a house that completes the whole aesthetic of the house.


Investing in a bathroom renovation is a smart choice. It has many benefits – if done beautifully, it becomes a conversation starter, creates a positive impression on the visitors and best of all, increases the market value of the whole house. For most people, a bathroom is a place where their daily schedule begins, then why not make this first experience better?


It doesn’t matter if you are renovating your existing bathroom or designing a completely new one as a part of home renovation in Regina, we will help you to achieve that perfect bathroom.

How We Can Help You with Your Bathroom Renovations in Regina

As one of the leading construction company in Regina, we have been adding value to home construction projects of the customer for decades now. With over 44 years of combined construction and renovation experience, we are equipped with the expertise and resources to handle any bathroom renovation in Regina.


Our clients always had wonderful experiences with our bathroom renovation projects. We take our client’s requirements seriously and take a no-nonsense approach for every bathroom renovation job that we take. All plans and visions are discussed beforehand on how we are going to approach the mission.

Our clients’ safety and peace of mind matter to us and therefore we ensure all safety and cleanliness protocols are followed before the work begins. And all of this is possible due to the dedication and potency of our skilled professionals. They have years of experience in handling bathroom renovation projects of all sizes. They are courteous, creative and hard working to help you achieve the vision you have.


And we are glad to inform that no complaints or major hurdles were faced in any of our bathroom projects. And this was possible due to our careful attention to detail on every aspect of the renovation process.



We approach the project with full planning and keeping your requirements on the forefront. We fully understand that bathroom is a personal affair and keep your ideas at the core of our construction process. This incredible approach to renovation helps us to integrate design, product, and construction services into a single, effective and convenient, turnkey process. This way you can be sure that you will get a renovated bathroom that you’ve dreamed of. All of this while without disturbing your already hectic schedule.

Contact the Best Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Regina

If you are looking for a bathroom contractor for bathroom renovation services in Regina, TyMark Constructions is here to help. Call us for a quote at 306 352 0677.

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