Trust us for Concrete Services in Regina SK

Broken concrete driveway? We will repair it.


Getting rid of the concrete debris? We will remove it.


Anything that deals with concrete in Regina, we can handle it.


TyMark Constructions is one of the leading concrete repair, concrete demolition and excavating contractors in Regina. With over 44 years of combined experience, we have been serving the concrete needs of the lovely residents of Regina for decades now.


We are a family owned business and take pride in delivering timely services and quality to our clients. Our services are meant to be scaled for all kinds of projects with equal quality, finesse, and love.

The Concrete Problems You will Generally Face

Concrete is a tough material when done right. But not every concrete contractor is capable of doing the quality work that Tymark Construction does. So if you were unfortunate to get some shoddy work by doing a contractor then you can expect the following problems in your concrete installations –



This is a common issue and often caused by improper installation of concrete finishing. Chemicals from the foot and vehicle traffic can cause this discoloration which can spread if not corrected in time.



The cracks move from top to bottom and are caused by poor mix, wrong installation, and bad workmanship.



Scaling is common in cold and rainy conditions and often caused because of bad installations. A properly installed concrete piece never faces the issue of scaling.



Poor finishing and low-quality mixes can lead to buckling of the top surface because of growing vegetation and heat cycles. This can be easily repaired by us.

The Complete Solution to Concrete Repair in Regina

Our team of professionals is always ready to tackle any concrete repair in Regina. We have been doing it for years and every time the work is completed with vigor and professionalism. We are insured, bonded and licensed to operate in the city of Regina.


From small residential projects to large commercial warehouses, we have done it all. Even a small crack in the corner is covered in our extensive list of concrete repair services. To complete the job, we use high-tech concrete repair equipment and every safety technique out there. Our focus is to make sure that you are not disturbed in any way and remain worry-free throughout the whole process.

Concrete Removal and Demolition in Regina for Homeowners and Businesses

Piles of concrete are inevitable when you opting for home renovations or a new home construction. But fret not anymore. We are here to help homeowners and businesses to clean their sites with our concrete removal services in Regina.


If you are getting a custom home builder and want to get the old house demolished and remove its debris, then just get in touch with us. We are equipped to handle demolition projects of any size or scale. We carry every tool to carry out any demolition in Regina – from the pry bar, concrete saw, sledgehammer, jackhammer to specialized concrete breaking equipment.


As the leading excavating contractors in Regina, we have our own vehicles and operators that make concrete removal easy and safe. The concrete removal will be done in a fashion that will not interfere with the work of plumbers, electricians or floor contractors.

Contact the Best Excavating Contractors in Regina

If you are looking for an excavating contractor for Concrete Removal and repair services in Regina, TyMark Constructions is here to help. Call us for a quote at 306 352 0677.

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