Demolition Services in Regina

Are you based in Regina and looking for help with commercial or residential demolition services? You need to look no further as we at Tymark Constructions handle all your demolition and construction needs. We have industry experience with latest technological equipment that makes the demolition process smoother and without hassles. We own vehicles and operators that accommodate the removal of concrete easily and safely without acting as an obstacle in any plumbing or flooring work in progress on the construction site.

Concrete Removal and Demolition

Have you recently got a building demolished and need to get the site cleared for construction? Or are you looking for a service that demolishes the existing structure and clears the site for fresh construction? We provide to you a one-stop solution at Tymark Constructions Regina. We’d remove any concrete debris post demolition and help with excavation of the construction site in any area in the vicinity of Regina.

Why Chose us?

Home construction or renovation is incomplete without concrete debris piling up in the yard. Also, if you’re starting afresh, you’d need to get the preexisting structure demolished, cleaned, and then rebuilt. We have over 44 years of experience with demolition, concrete removal, construction, and repair making us hold a position among the most trusted construction companies in Regina.


We ensure that are machinery and equipment is updated and that we keep in line with latest technologies that minimize the time taken and maximize the results. Our team will carry all the tools required for demolition and removal including jackhammer, concrete saw, and sledgehammer among others. If required, we will perform a site inspection first to determine the time and budget needed to ensure that you stay informed. Our professionals are highly trained and we provide assistance and help with any issues that you may have with the work performed on the site.

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