Kitchen Renovations in Regina

Aren’t kitchens the most used and often abused parts of our homes? They are never out of function and hence, it only makes sense to have them renovated before they run out of function. Are you planning to have your kitchen renovated to suit your aesthetic and functional needs? Well, if you’re looking to have the kitchen customized into the gorgeousness you always wanted it to be, you can rely on us completely.

Attention to Details

We at Tymark Constructions Regina offer to you a variety of kitchen designs to suit different budgets, spaces, and timelines, based on your requirements. Our experience in the industry helps us to come up with kitchen designs to suit the space you already have with minimal renovation, yet providing to you a kitchen that is customized to your choice.


We can work under all budgets and deadlines and help with a framework that does not make your kitchen dysfunctional for too long. The cabinetry and counters would be of your choice and we’d ensure that our team focuses on understanding your aesthetic sense before making any changes to the kitchen. We would ensure that the kitchen is as bright as you like it to be, has as many water and electric outlets as you may require overtime and that the storage is planned well enough to last you long without renovation.

Why choose Tymark Constructions?

If you’re based in Regina, we assure that we’d be your best bet, not just because of experience but also our trained professional who’ve renovated and decorated lots of kitchens around you. Our positive feedbacks have motivated us to exceed our capabilities and deliver to you a kitchen, which you’d feel is designed exclusively for you. We’d incorporate your aesthetic requirements with our practical experience to ensure that the kitchen is as easy to use as it is appealing to the eyes.

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